by Real Live Tigers

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    15 sad country songs on cassette. Released digitally in February and now finally on cassette for you to cruise to in your grandpa's pick-up truck.

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released 21 February 2013




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Track Name: Denatured
If there was a way out I'd take it. If there was a way back I would know by now. Fake lakes, real gold, plastic flowers on somebody's grave. Oh, I want a change. I'm waiting for a check to clear. I'm stranded here for a while. Lost in thought and sentencing, I've married all my sisters off. The curbs in the suburbs all rhyme with each other. You kicked them like you kicked your brother. We moved back to town, past the sound, lost months and even years. Please pull back the curtains, dear, the day is getting on. We lost something, we lost something, we all whisper together. We lost ourselves along the way, strangers became our friends. Still half the time inside your head, you're different than you seem. You're past your prime, that's true, no doubt, but far from being tame. Half-wild, becoming wilder now, and restless as the waves. A summer-long song, a path picked wrong, an ending to the day, a bottle passed around during the sound that made you fall asleep.
Track Name: Leave a Map
Fuck what you heard, they're still self-absorbed. Nothing happened when those towers fell. And all those days we spent in city streets with night sticks at our backs weren't enough to change their minds when they had a plan. But don't let this world break your heart. Don't let this world be your world and don't let your worlds fall apart. Fuck what you heard, hope's still a word. We've just forgotten how to use it right, and all those pretty things we found in libraries are still enough to keep us up at night, so we shelter ourselves in books and songs our friends sing and now nothing hurts anymore. Nothing hurts like the last, like the first. Fuck what you heard, there's no secret chord, no arbitrary way to please God. Please yourself just as long as you don't hurt nobody else. And these bodies will wear down, so fill them up with song and build your hidden worlds, just leave a map for us. Keep a fire burning and leave a map for us.
Track Name: Interloper
You were their stranger. You were who they wanted you to be: A dark thought behind the full moon, a figure in the wood waiting for the kill, a shadow in a ditch along a moonlit road, a new weed that choked out everything, a black snake in their fruit trees. You were their stranger.
Track Name: Gave Up
You thought I was just passing through, that I'd only be in town for a week or two. You didn't know I would make my home here if you asked me to. I've followed a heart out into the rain and I've been stranded on the open plain. I've been misled easily and I've been let down hard, but you're not who you say you are. And there are games in the night that we play, and I would stop them if I had my way, but lust always win out and you keep coming 'round as if nothing had changed, as if we were still friends. So I found a new lover. Then I found another, but I didn't love them the way he no longer loves you, but that never got through to you. When something hurt decides to hurt back, how long will you stand the attack? You've turned the other cheek. You've been doing it for weeks. It's time that you gave up. I finally gave up.
Track Name: Dreamsick
Swallow your spit, change your clothes. Do you know how many times I almost gave up? I wanted to. I had plans. You brought evil inside. You gave names to the demons. In the pharmacy lights long after the night fell, dreamsick, with the taste of death on your mouth, lovesick, and still getting fucked around. The wind never stops. It just goes off some other place, movement for movement's sake, and there will always be another way to love yourself. You've got to find a way to love yourself. Homesick for every place you've left. Bloodsick, still poisoning yourself. Short-hand, cross-breeze, I have everything I need. Painter's white in the bright morning light, don't forget about me.
Track Name: Mtn Dew
He don't ever buy beer any more, just Mountain Dew, goes to meetings three nights a week, tries not to think about you. He kicked whiskey to the curb, despite what you heard. Got his old job back at the auto parts store. One thing you got to know-- he walks pasts four bars on the way to the bus stop. Says he knows you hate him, that he hates himself too. Give him one more shot.
Track Name: What Fort Worth Is For
Maybe it's because you think I'm always on tour and you think I'll find a quick replacement for what you stole. You didn't steal anything, I just gave you too much. Too quick to trust, too careless with my love. And now I know what Fort Worth is for. It's for sleeping on your sister's living room floor. It's for sore lips, my hands on your hips in the front yard, the first dress you'd owned since you were nine years old. And I never wanted to write songs about girls. I hope you never wanted to be a song.
Track Name: 50s Pop Song
Like a beard made of bees worn as your Sunday best, or hair so thick and tangled it becomes a nest for all the spring-bound birds, their icy wings still on the thaw, or a train that is cutting its way through the dawn. We are here for a while, then it's time to move on. We're all just minor chords in some 50s pop song.
Track Name: Creekbeds
I let her carve those two flooded creekbeds into my arm because they had kept her stranded all day long. And when it came time to find her we did with her uncle leading her through the woods. His face, it is peaceful as a priest's, and she seemed as happy and relieved as the day would allow and I am thinking of her now as I sing.
Track Name: Winter Blues no. 2
The corners where the cold collects, mirrors that don't reflect anything, except our darkest thoughts, our waning youth, these winter blues.
Track Name: If I Was Someone You Could Love
Back then I tore and burned the leaves for proof of power in my body, but it was in my choice. It's good to have a voice in something, like I was something to hear. For now I always act this helpless, the fire brought into your forest. But could you still love me if I was a lady or something, if I was someone you could love. Sometimes you stare back so strongly, sometimes you make me so lonely and it stems from my longing, that somehow keeps me songing for something I doubt anybody else wants.
Track Name: This life, this life
I'll never make my father proud with this life I'm living. I'll never make my mother proud if I don't have any childen. I get down and I get around, but it doesn't make me happy. We go down to the interstate to get some breakfast. These days start off slow, but the nights are long. And it's not how you thought it'd be when you were thirteen. You drink until you can't drink any more, fall down a dark well. You sleep until you can't sleep any more, fall down a black well. And the hardest part about living is that for one minute you can't stop.
Track Name: Winter blues no. 3
Some of these friends of mine, I miss them so. I traveled through those mountains to find a new home. A restful slumber, a gauzy winter. Cool my heels, lick my wounds, and rub my eyes. All those scattered songbirds, all my tired friends, rest those lungs, write those letters, we'll meet in the spring. Oh, I miss you so.
Track Name: Unknowable
Who are you now while you're lying by my side? Are you the girl unafraid to carve out a life in this wicked world? This world made of hate, this world that only wants to take things from you? Who were you then when you dreamt so loud? Before your pride was all that made you proud. Show me your notebook, show me the mark that you made on your arm when you were fifteen, reckless and strong. And will you eventually show me what you've wanted all along? Your mouth tastes like rain, sometimes smoke, sometimes beer. Your hair is wet with sweat and your eyes are filled with tears, but that wall will never fall. I'll never know what you're keeping from me. You'll never know what I actually mean. A train derailed, fallen telephone poles, a clearing emptied of deer.